Weai??i??ve all heard the latest trends regarding DevOps and SAFeTM, but whatai??i??s in it for IT Operations Directors/Managers?

Technical Debt

Let’s say youai??i??re an Operations Director or Manager, with several Production Support teams. You know your organization has Technical Debt in production, but how do you address this?

Technical Debt can be caused by a production solution that has not been maintained (i.e. patches applied) and has become unstable or requiring high levels of support. In some cases, this technical debt could result in frequent reoccurring incidents causing outages and/or reputational risk.

ai???You can’t be in debt and win. It doesn’t work.ai??? David Ramsey

Another cause of Technical Debt is a solution that has reached end of life, and for which no additional investment has been approved. Although a new architecture pattern exists to support the solution, how do you address the challenge of having your organization migrate to the new pattern with the shortest lead time?

The answer can be found in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFeTM), which leverages the benefits of DevOps!

SAFeBigPictureblog-300x231SAFeTMAi??consists of three levels: Portfolio, Program and Team.

These three levels provide transparency and traceability for Technical Debt:

Portfolio Level

Technical Debt can be identified and analyzed at the Portfolio level by establishing an Architecture Epic.

Portfolio Level

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Program Level

Technical Debt can be forecast for implementation at a Program level (via a Program Roadmap) within an Agile Release Train leveraging DevOps teams.

SAFe Program Level

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Team Level

New solutions can be delivered by Agile Teams within their Sprints.

Team Level

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As the Operations Director/Manager, you know where your organizationai??i??s Technical Debt lies. By leveraging Architecture Epics within the SAFeTMAi??Framework and DevOps, you can finally address Technical Debt with the support of Agile Teams!

Food for thought!

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