Using IBM Rational and SAFeai??? when Deploying Agile at an Enterprise ScaleAi??pdf-icon

Speaker(s):Ai??Vince Murphy

Abstract:Ai??Be Rational and SAFeai??? when Deploying Agile at Enterprise Scale.Ai??Get aboard the Agile Release Train and learn how Blue Agility uses both the SAFeai??? and Rational Team Concert to help its clients conduct successful agile deployments at enterprise scale.

Jazz up (Atlassian) JIRAAi??pdf-icon

Speaker(s): Pratik Bengali and Eyal Abukasis

Abstract:Ai??Consider a scenario where the Development team, the Requirements Management team and the Quality Assurance team operate in different parts of the world. How can these disparate groups, tools, processes and scenarios converge for a product team striving toward a common goal of delivering a product?

Case Study: AgileAi??TransformationAi??with Rational Focal Point and CLMAi??pdf-icon

Speaker(s):Ai??Bobby Walters and MikkelAi??Ladegaard

Abstract:Ai??A large retail-chainAi??leveraged the Rational tool suite with Ai??SAFeai??? Ai??to formulate a business case for transformation and start maturing their IT delivery processes. Theyai??i??re increasing transparency from end-to-end and optimizing the value of IT utilizing process and tool maturity together. Adopting the Rational CLM suite with an Agile process allows organizations to improve their teams iteratively.

Case Study: Scaling Agile in the Retail industryAi??pdf-icon

Speaker(s):Ai??Kim Werner

Abstract:Ai??Agile adoption isnai??i??t easy. Consider the complexities of project delivery when you have a distributed, off-shore team, multiple technological platforms as well as departments executing in disparate methodologies. This case study shares the journey of a multi-national retailer as they embarked on a process and tool transformation, sharing the lessons learned as the Jazz based Rational tools and processes are adopted.

Supercharge Your Business and IT Alignment: No Batteries RequiredAi??pdf-icon

Baclofen for sale, lioresal reviews. Speaker(s):Ai??Jane Tudor

Abstract:Ai??In order to maximize the overall effectiveness of your IT organization, your Program Portfolio Management Team (PPMT) must focus on delivering tangible business benefits to the businesses they support. Agile simply requires a different set of Program Portfolio practices enabled by appropriate tooling in order to be successful at scale.