Looking for direction?

Looking for direction?

Did you know that, according to Fortune Magazine, $125.9 billion a year isAi??spent on corporate training?

Did you know that accordingAi??to brain science, not all forms of learning are equal?

Did you know that one of the greatest challenges in Agile is scaling to the enterprise level?

Read onai??i?? (you may be surprised)

devEssentialsai???: From Dream to Reality

I have had the privilege of working for over a year with Blue Agility, a company specializing in large-scale Agile deployments leveraging the Scaled Agile Frameworkai??? (SAFeai???) and IBM Lifecycle Management (ALM) toolset. devEssentialsai??? is the brainchild of Pratik Bengali, Chief Technologist for the organization. Through his extensive experience addressing the challenges faced by organizations in adopting Agile processes and IBM tools, he saw a need for a comprehensive, flexible and heuristic approach to learning process and tools. He also became acutely aware of the knowledge void left once trainers/coaches leave an organization and was determined to provide a learning experience that would help users and organizations be successful.

The result is devEssentialsai???, a client enablement approach that parses process concepts and facilitates adoption of IBM tools, specifically Rational Team Concert. Harnessing bluejazzTM, Guideai??? technology and the SAFeai??? Template Add-On for RTC, devEssentialsai???Ai??leverages the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFeai???) ai???Big Pictureai???, which highlights the individual roles, teams, ceremonies and artifacts necessary to scale Agile from the team to the enterprise level. devEssentialsai??? provides a roadmap for understanding the framework mapped to the associated tasks in IBMai??i??s Rational Team Concert.


ai???Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember.

Involve me and I will understand.ai??? Ai??-Confucius


A SAFer way to learn: harnessing the capabilities ofAi??devEssentialsai???Ai??(find out about the underlyingAi??brain scienceAi??to boot!)

Have you ever stared at an instruction manual, mouth agape, disbelieving the sheer amount and complexity of the words beginning to fade from view as your brain slowly shuts down?

Have you ever sat through presentations after presentations, trying to keep your focus and hoping youai??i??ll remember the new skills you were presented with?

Did you ever wish that you could have a mentor available to you at any time, ready to help you understand and accomplish your business tasks?

devEssentialsai???Ai??offers a comprehensive learning experience:

Live coaches. Learn about the SAFeai??? framework through explanatory videos hosted by an experienced coach/mentor and presented in a conversational style.

*Brain science: Human brains are built for conversation, so when information is presented in a conversational manner, the listeners think they are engaged in conversation and feel they have to hold up their end by paying attention, which ultimately improves knowledge retention.

Learn by watchingAi??ai??i?? Assimilate SAFeai??? framework concepts and associated tasks within Rational Team Concert via explanation videos, animation enhanced videos and short howai??i??to narrated videos.

*Brain science: Although humans cannot read and listen at the same time, we are very good at learning with narration while looking at relevant visuals.

Learn by doing. Software training conducted via presentations, lectures and class lessons can lead to short-lived learning and poor retention. The devEssentialsai??? Guideai???Ai??isAi??unique,Ai??in that it acts as a mentor in theAi??contextAi??of Rational Team Concert. The steps for performing a task are presented within the tool so that you can learn at your own pace, then continue exploring and learning in the tool itself.

*Brain science: Humans learn better when they actively participate and have opportunities for practice.

Considers learning styles– From a pedagogical standpoint, some of us learn better when we read, some when we hear the information, others when we watch others do something and some do better when we have the opportunity to explore. Ai??devEssentialsai???Ai??takes into account these differences and provides an inclusive learning experience.

*Brain science: Humans have different learning styles. Ideally, learning experiences should incorporate several learning modalities.

Chunk ContentAi??ai??i?? In many cases, training simply overloads learners. With devEssentialsai???, learning occurs at the usersai??i?? convenience, giving them more control over the amount of information they can process at one time and presenting the information in a logical and structured way.

*Brain science: There is only so much new information that the brain can process at one time. The brain also learns better in smaller, meaningful increments.

Customized, customizable learningAi??ai??i?? Software training is often designed as a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Unfortunately, what is adequate for the expert may overload the novice, while what is comfortable for the novice may bore the expert. devEssentialsai???Ai??targets both audiences and lets users take the lead on their learning. Never heard of SAFeai???? Follow theAi??Guideai???Ai??and learn more about the process. Still learning your way around Rational Team Concert? Learn the steps to accomplish SAFeai???-associated tasks in theAi??Guideai???. More advanced learners can just fast forward through theAi??Guide clomid online, acquire clomid. Ai??steps. devEssentialsai??? can also act as a refresher to be referred to on a need basis. TheAi??Guideai???Ai??itself is highly adaptable and the learning experience can be customized to your organization as well.

*Brain Science: Humans learn better when theyai??i??re engaged and are given the opportunity to learn at their own level and pace.

Last but not least, cost savings -Ai??Successful adoption of SAFeai??? or any other process combined with tools within an enterprise hinges on the training and enablement provided to the practitioners, who are the real adopters of the process. Cost reduction is realized as devEssentialsai???Ai??can be deployed to as many users as needed, with users learning at their own pace, matching their business needs and learning styles.

*Brain Science: Nope! Just common sense. What organization would NOT like to save on the bottom line?

The development of devEssentialsai???Ai??has been a labor of love, powered by a great concept, a hard-working, flexible team and a commitment to make a difference for learners.

Perhaps it’s true that sometimes, all it takes is a (SAFeai???) framework, (IBM’s) tools, and a dream…

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