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Blue Agility isAi??excited to announce that we have been acquired by cPrime, a full service consultancy that helps companies deliver the extraordinary through consulting, managed services and custom solutions for thousands of software teams, including more than half of the Fortune 100. cPrime is a leader in Agile / Scrum transformation services, one of the largest Agile training companies in the United States, Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and Verified Vendor, Gold SAFe Partner and a well established DevOps solution provider. companies are able to drive consistency and accelerate rollout of SAFe transformations of all sizes.

ai???Teaming up with cPrime accelerates our ability to grow the reach of our Scaled Agile Expertise, proprietary BlueKit Implementation methodology and deliver holistic solutions to our existing client base,” said Ken France, CEO of Blue Agility.

ai???Blue Agility is recognized as one of the best companies at delivering SAFe transformations. Bringing them into the cPrime family positions us to better provide and support global SAFe transformations. Built from actual implementations, their BlueKit has proven to be extremely useful in successfully implementing SAFe transformations through industry-specific best practices, and we look forward to incorporating it into our delivery of SAFe transformations,ai??? said Zubin Irani, CEO of cPrime.

We spoke with cPrime CEO, Zubin Irani, this week about the acquisition and what it means for cPrime and Blue Agility customers.

Q: What isAi??the main reasonAi??Blue Agility was the right additional “piece of the puzzle” for cPrime?
A: I believe there are multiple pieces they add to the puzzle ai??i?? they have a great deal of scaled agile expertise and as we are doing more enterprise transformations, we are able to combine their expertise and proven practices to provide a more comprehensive solution and support for transformations both locally and globally.

Q: Timing can be everything. Why do you feel this was the right time to participate in this acquisition adventure?
A: As the market is maturing and large scale transformations are growing, there is a need to have a larger transformation consulting organization with deeper and more experienced teams to support those demands.Ai??We are taking two of the largest scaling agile teams and bringing together years of knowledge and best practices to allow us to be able to deliver small to very complex enterprise transformations.Ai?? Right now it is more important than ever for companies to be able to accelerate and achieve their goals and this acquisition further strengthens our ability right now to incorporate Software Services Lifecycle Management (SSLM) into our clientsai??i?? strategy to achieve accelerated flow of value delivery to their customers and greater responsiveness to business needs.

Q: What specificAi??synergies do you see in the solution offerings and how will they bring value to cPrime and Blue Agility customers?
A: We are very much like-minded in the belief you need to be able to have your business and development teams working together synergistically through Agile and DevOps, and to scale together for a complete solution.Ai?? By combining their scaling agile expertise with our extensive agile and tooling consulting practices, we are able to provide and deliver a holistic solution that help both companiesai??i?? current clients and future client base with continued lifetime value.

Q: Looking at your crystal ball,Ai??what does the future look like forAi??the Agile/DevOps space? What trends do you see on the horizon?
A: We see Agile + DevOps being two key pieces in the same puzzle and becoming ever more necessary.Ai?? Organizations don’t realize the value of Agile without DevOps, and DevOps by itself is meaningless without Agile. You only get 30% of the benefit that Agile promises without DevOps, but without being agile your DevOps practice misses out on the biggest value they can achieve which is to get to true agility in effectively building the extraordinary, regardless if it is software, hardware, or products.

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