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When choosing a company, many of us feel that just as important as any compensation plan offered is

When choosing a company, many of us feel that just as important as any compensation plan offered is the culture that the prospective employer claims to foster. The way we work has changed dramatically with the major advances in technology over the last several years and productivity has grown at a similar rate.Ai?? The rigidity of punching a clock everyday has rapidly given way to an environment where employees are managed on goal attainment versus hours logged in a cubicle. With these changes employers are now looking for a new kind of employee and vice versa.

In the most entrepreneurial organizations the new worker is being asked to behave more like a partner than an overhead item on the balance sheet.Ai?? With this arrangement comes a whole new set of responsibilities, and rewards. What may look like too much freedom to the old world worker is actually viewed as empowerment by the employee of the new world. The new world worker/partner is being asked to make important decisions, participate in direction, set and manage goals and be responsible to generate revenue through creativity and innovation. They are given the responsibility to identify problems and the authority to solve them. This is the new calculus of employee productivity and itai??i??s rewarded in ways that transcend a bi-weekly paycheck.

The rewards in this new environment are plentiful. You are given the opportunity to make a very comfortable living in an environment that provides tremendous potential for your income to grow.Ai?? You are treated with respect and encouraged to participate in strategic discussions once reserved for upper management. In the new world you can create your career path as long as its cost is justified by the appropriate revenue growth and is aligned with your companyai??i??s stated direction. Ai??Your daily challenges will force you to exercise and grow personal and professional skills you may not even be aware you had. The new employee welcomes responsibility and is governed by accountability. He or she is guided and driven as much by the attainment of their personal goals as the companyai??i??s objectives. They see in their employer an environment to create that win/win relationship while creating the perfect work /life balance so important to us all.

Those of us who have been given the privilege to work at Blue Agility know this culture all to well. These are the tenets on which this company was founded. Those who formed the organizationai??i??s constitution thrive in this environment and encourage it in everyone who comes on board. Our growth over the last two years has been mostly organic. Weai??i??ve based it on the belief that when you hire to a specific set of principles then those you brought on board will attract more people who possess those same values and character.

At our very core Blue Agility believes that every employee will be given a chance to create, lead, inspire, grow and pursue a passion. As you develop you will also be a major part of that same experience for those around you and be challenged to be your very best at all times.

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first Cheap baclofen online, buy lioresal. . – Simon Sinek, best selling author and inspirational speaker. @simonsinek

The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity. ai??i?? Tom Peters, best selling author and inspirational speaker. @tom_peters

As an organization committed to grow and prosper around this vision we are always open to hearing success stories of how your organizationai??i??s culture allowed your employees and company to flourish. Ai??Weai??i??d really love to hear from you so feel free to weigh in on this topic.

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